I am quirky. I am strange. I do not fit into any preconceived notion of what normal is, and I don’t honestly care. I don’t hold back who I am because there isn’t much worse than feeling trapped in yourself. You either snuff out the parts that make you unique and conform, or you let your weirdo shine. I can assure that my weirdo shines bright, bright like a …. turtle. You thought I was going to say diamond, but I need to keep you on your toes from the very start.

I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan with my hunk of a husband and our beautiful son. Before moving to this face-hurting-frigid-cold state, I lived in Arizona. I jumped from one extreme to another because who does anything half-assed anymore?

I am a cat person.. Yikes! Another cat person! I have a big orange tabby named Gringo. I will be quite honest… I take his picture almost daily, however, to defend myself, I will add that he is just too adorable not to capture on film.  He does the strangest things and I feel like our relationship is perfect. I pet him when he wants it and he bites me when he is done with human interaction.

I also have a Havanese dog named Beans. Before him, I didn’t really care for dogs. He has changed my opinion drastically. Gringo and Beans are best friends and I am always snapping cute pictures of them.

Being a writer is something that has always been extremely important to me. My twisting, turning imagination needs a release so I funnel the tumbling words onto paper. The only thing I can hope is that someone else enjoys my words and finds entertainment in them.

I am extremely passionate about books and writing. What better way is there to express ourselves?

I am currently studying at a University where I plan on becoming a high school teacher. I always have an image of myself walking into my classroom the first day of school in a wacky outfit and instantly inspiring children into wanting to learn. Let’s be honest, I will probably still wear the wacky outfit but I have my work cut out for me if I am going to inspire teenagers to love school.

My preferred genre of writing is Young Adult literature. However, I cannot be so bold as to say that this is the only thing that I am interested in, working on, or will do. I cannot limit myself. I plan to expand and enjoy the writing process in every way that I can. They say that the sky is the limit… and it is limitless. I cannot wait to see where this will take me.

Finally, I am in the beginning stages of getting a book published. AHH! Now that is exciting news. I hope to gather a solid fan base and I look forward to interacting with you as much as possible!