Stay-at-home Mom Life

Being a stay-at-home mom has its perks and its mind numbing downsides.  To be frankly honest I cannot wait… I repeat cannot wait until my time is up and I can join the world at large.

I have worked a full-time job since it was legally able for me to do so.  In 2002, that was 14 years and a handful of months.  Minimum wage was $5.15 and I thought I was absolutely rich. Since then I have worked tons of jobs.  I was even a Salvation Army bell-ringer that many people pretend not to see when they go in and out of stores. 😂

Now onto the fun stuff. For the last four years I have been so bored,  I’m surprised I can still form a coherent thought let alone type a complete sentence.  I’m laying in bed watching a movie, my boy just sent off to school and I have nothing to do.  How can people survive like this!?  Dishes are washed.  A load of towels,  rumble around in the dryer. Dinner is simmering in the crock pot and I have a full day of light cleaning and possibly homework.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having time to sit down for a nice warm dinner with my family.  I like helping my son with his homework,  and cuddling together to watch a movie afterwards.  I love listening to him read me a story and I love bedtime kisses.

But lord almighty, I cannot wait to graduate with my teaching degree and not be shuttered inside my house. I live a reverse fishbowl life where I’m the fish. 😕

I have days where I can’t wait for my son to head off to school so I can run and superman jump on my bed, out of complete relief that I have a moment alone. Then I have days like today where I have nothing to do, but so much energy that there is no chance for a nap.

The pros and cons are not evenly balanced.  I crave adult contact most of the time. I have had a complete conversation about dog breeds with a telemarketer.. I have probably seen at least 3/4th of the pins on Pinterest… I have organized my clothes tons of times. Cleaned cupboards, dusted…(ugh) and done everything imaginable to pass the time.  So shout out to all of the other stay at home moms… I feel your pain and I raise you a glass of hot chocolate….  Not coffee because I ran out of creamer.  (ahhhhhh)

Now onto trying not to watch the clock.

Stay busy humans….  Stay busy.