Man I missed my bed!

I have one of the most uncomfortable beds in Michigan. How do I know this? I have stayed in hotels, slept over at friends, even our bed before this one was more comfortable than the one we have. I was sucked into the “King Size” is the way to go. I am not a shopper. I hate being in stores and looking for things to spend money on. I see something, grab it, then get out of the store as quick as possible… I hate shopping.

So I didn’t buy this bed, my parents got it for me. The first week or so,  I had amazing sleep. After about a year it has become the worst bed in creation. I despise it. My patient husband, has entertained me every time I switch how we lay in the bed. I am positive that we have slept on this bed in every possible position imaginable.

Yet, I missed it terribly while sleeping on a small sleeping mat in the middle of the Michigan woods, in a freezing tent. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping. I just wish that the sleeping options were a little better. Before it is suggested that campers, or RVs are an option, that is not camping. That is glam-ping. Completely different in my opinion. You cannot have a television, stove, refrigerator, and a bathroom and still call it camping.

Camping is the best though. I love campfires, and two a.m. runs to the bathroom on the other side of the campground. I love sleeping under a starry night and having cool fresh air brush across my skin. The peace and quiet afforded by camping is addictive. (unless your neighbor campers are total tools, getting drunk, yelling, hacking, and letting their over grown monster dogs fight outside your tent until 3 a.m.)

Getting away from the “real” world is something that everyone should do periodically, to reset their mental, emotional, and physical health. The view I had of Michigan on our last night in Grayling, were stunning14285440_1387631674584860_1942388538_o

I highly recommend getting a taste of nature every once in a while.

 No matter how much I love camping, there is nothing better than showering and climbing into your clean and crisp sheets after a long weekend of sleeping on the ground, and an even longer endless drive home.

I still want a new bed, but camping has definitely gave me a new respect for the pile of fluff I call my bed.

Good Night Humans.