Late Night Snack

Many of you may not know but I am basically blind… Literally, not figuratively. Without my glasses or contacts (that I wear on  my least nerdy days) I cannot see two foot in front of me.

My eye sight is so disastrous that after an hour of searching for them, I called my sister, who lives down the road, to come help me find my glasses because I couldn’t see to find them myself. I sat there incapacitated for two hours waiting for her to show up… She walked in and found them in under 30 seconds. embarrassing moment #758397584.

Well last night, I woke up around 3 am starving. Not literally, but figuratively. My hand fumbled around the headboard searching where I thought I put my glasses. A quick sweep of my hand found a tissue box, stuffed panda, and a jar of vapor rub…. There they were!… I slide them on my face just to realize that they were a pair of my husbands sunglasses. 

I whipped the blasted things off and admittedly threw them across the room… Don’t tell him.. By this time, I am coaxing my stomach into obedience and assuring it that a late night snack is not worth this type of annoyance. It regretfully informed me that I was insane and that a late night snack sounded delicious.

Finally, after about ten minutes of searching in the dim light of my cell phone… I found my glasses. I am just a tad bit ashamed of how exhilarated I was. Two seconds later I am walking down the hallway toward the kitchen and snack paradise

So there I was, 3 am standing in the industrial bright light of my refrigerator contemplating ice cream or a bowl of cereal. The fruit drawer completely forgotten about. I snagged the Kroger Brand Death by Chocolate ice cream out of its comfy spot in the freezer…. and stood there with a spoon. Three bites later, I feel eyes watching me. The spoon loaded with chocolate goodness half way to my mouth, I look around the room and spot my cat Gringo siting silently in the shadows under the kitchen table, staring at me with his judgey yellow cat eyes.

“What?” I said to him.

He slow blinks at me… scrutinizing my actions.

“You’re right, a bowl of cereal sounds better.” I mumble and put the ice cream away slowly.

I made a small bowl of strawberry frosted mini wheats and sit in the living room. Munching away, I realized that we waste a ridiculous amount of money on electricity. Even without having to turn on a light, my living room is illuminated in blue light coming from the electronics sitting on the tv stand. Why do these companies even add lights to their products… what a waste. What annoyed me the most was the television. Why in the name of pillow cases, does a television need a light to tell you that it is off? You would think a bit of common sense would tell a person that the tv is off… But behold… the red light that glares at me… When the television is on the light turns blue… what’s the use of that? Obviously, if the television is on… we know it’s on right?

Not sure why this light is bothering me so much.. Seems like a waste of resources. I bet if the light went out the tv company would charge me $50 dollars to fix it. Not that I would get it fixed but its a principle concept. Stupid, ridiculous, irrelevant light made a huge impact on snack time. So much so that even though this blog is titled late night snack… it is truly about the red light that annoyed me. Hidden meanings my friends. Hidden meanings.

After I was done eating, I happily walked back to bed, moved my husband’s legs from my side of the bed… put my glasses on the headboard where I generally put them…and proceeded to sleep away the early morning.

What annoys you late at night? I would love to know.

Good day Humans.



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Hello! Just a quick note about me. I am an inspiring writer of Young Adult Fiction. I hope that while you are lurking amongst my blog posts, that you are either entertained or touched by my words. In any case, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line. Happy reading, Humans.

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