POEMS! Such an amazing creation!

Even though poetry is one of the most dreaded parts of English 101 for a high school student it still has a very solid part of my heart. I must admit though that during high school I absolutely despised it.

It is possible that I hated it so much because my teacher always wanted us to write about our “Feelings”. Didn’t she know that the horrific thing known as puberty was currently wracking our bodies with hormones that made us little crying, angry, emo balls of annoyance? Who wants to write about their feelings? Teenagers are basically swimming in a pool of emotions, they certainly don’t want to evaluate and put them on paper so the teacher could pick through them and analyze if those feelings are good enough for the idiotic category of “Poetry”.

The way to get around this mock session of therapy was to be a sarcastic wench. Which I, fortunately, had the opportunity to be at many different intervals.

I don’t advise any teenager to be sarcastic, lord no, I don’t want that to come back and bite me in the bum when my son is a teenager. That’s a whole can of worms I am not ready to open just yet. Just know sarcasm is a beautiful thing.

So share with me your favorite poem. I like them all. Write one if you dare to feel so bold. This is a judgement free zone. Violators will be at the mercy of my quick wit. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Happy poem searching humans.


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Hello! Just a quick note about me. I am an inspiring writer of Young Adult Fiction. I hope that while you are lurking amongst my blog posts, that you are either entertained or touched by my words. In any case, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line. Happy reading, Humans.

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