First official BLOG!!


How exciting! Well after three hours struggling to understand how to do this and manuver around this site.. I think that I finally figured it out. Props to me.

It is exciting that I am finally beginning to follow my dream to publish one of my books. If I could time travel and go back to my younger self… after the intitial shock of seeing an older, blonder version of me… I certainly hope younger me would pay attention and get this started.

I am exploding with thoughts on what to write about even though I am only 5k words into a book that should already be done, I keep finding things to distract me. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block however, it is a sort of writers “oohhhh look at that cat video”. My weakness.

It is 1:30 am in Michigan and raining. My son has his first official day of Spring Break starting tomorrow. He is my number one fan and he is always trying to get me to write. If he catches me relaxing or watching television the snot brings me my computer with an expectant face like “Mom, you have a book to write.”  He keeps me on track better than I do.

I am excited about this blog just because it will give me a chance to interact directly with fans, something that is not only a great teaching tool, but I expect to be fun as well.

I cannot wait to have someone to talk to. This is a journey into publication and I cannot wait to see who is on the ride with me.

Goodnight humans.


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Hello! Just a quick note about me. I am an inspiring writer of Young Adult Fiction. I hope that while you are lurking amongst my blog posts, that you are either entertained or touched by my words. In any case, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line. Happy reading, Humans.

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