Welcome! Welcome!

Be prepared to get goofy, serious, and down-right loony with me. I am going to be strange. I am going to be a tad bit off my rocker. There isn’t anything on this planet that I won’t talk about.  This blog is going to be a whole big hot mess of insanity where everyone is welcome and supported. I will occasionally throw out a blog or short stories. I cuss like a sailor (Except when my parents are present) In my thirties and still afraid of that bar of soap my mom wields.

There will be fun short stories or crazy ideas I have. There is no limit or rules as to what you will find ahead.

Updates on my books. Cover art, launch dates, when my book is going to the editor and where I will be speaking to promote the mean and green idea that BOOKS ARE LIFE!

I will also add quick experiences and much more. Once there is a solid launch date for my book we will have freebies, contests, and giveaways. WHO DOESN’T LIKE FREE STUFF!? (If you raised your hand, you can’t be trusted).

Follow me on here and Twitter so you never miss a chance to get the information you need. I also have an email address somewhere hidden on this website. (Spoiler Alert: it may be hidden on the Contact Page, just click it and be amazed that my email is there.) I reply personally to anyone who messages me. Let’s have fun Humans!


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